The Republic of Cyprus (CY)
Officially the Republic of Cyprus consists of the entire island, except the two Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) that belongs to the United Kingdom. However, the Republic of Cyprus only controls the southern part of the island. Four exclaves exist inside the eastern SBA (ESBA). The Agia Napa area is cut of by the “motherland” by the ESBA.
Sign from the international port in Lemesos (Jesper Nielsen)  


United Kingdom (UK)
The two Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) have a total size of 99 square miles. The Western Sovereign Base Area (WSBA), named Akrotiri sit on the Akrotiri peninsula totally surrounded by CY territory. The Eastern Sovereign Base Area (ESBA), called Dhekelia is more militarized as it works as part of the green line and has salients the area controlled by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The ESBA consists of two parts joined by a corridor road. Inside ESBA are four CY enclaves.
  The entrance to UK near Pyla (Jesper Nielsen)


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)
In 1974 Turkish troops invaded the northern part of the island and in 1983 Denktash founded the republic, which is not officially recognized internationally, except of Turkey. The TRNC occupies and controls the northern part of the island and has a small fragment in the west, the village of Kokkina.
The TRNC side of the Ledra Palace crossing in Nicosia (Nicolette Nielsen)  


United Nations (UN)
To keep the Turkish and Greek Cypriots apart, the UN has set up a buffer zone along the Green Line. The UN buffer zone is divided into three sections. In the west the buffer zone lies around the TRNC controlled village of Kokkina. The main part goes from the north coast through Nicosia until it reaches the ESBA. A small sections runs from the ESBA to the east coast. Parts of the buffer zone remain inaccessible and marked as No-man’s-land while other areas are accessible, for example in parts of Nicosia and the shared town of Pyla. The UN buffer zone is not the actual Green Line, as this line can run outside the UN buffer zone.
  Entrance to the UN buffer zone at Pyla (Jesper Nielsen)