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Niger - Nigeria:
The World By Road
Namibia - South Africa:
The Orange River - border river
Norway - Sweden:
Trysil, het grensgebied en het Ljordal - Noorwegen
Bosnia-Herzegovina - Croatia - Montenegro :
Rolf Palmberg
Cambodia - Laos - Thailand :
Jim Henthorn 1:250.000
Finland - Norway - Russian Federation :
Det grenseløse vannet

Latest general links

Ghana - Togo:
Borders And Identity: The Cartographic Invention Of The Ghana/Togo Boundary And the Ewe Identity
Eritrea - Ethiopia:
Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission
Algeria - Morocco:
CHRONOLOGY-Border disputes highlight Morocco-Algeria rivalry | Markets | Reuters
Cambodia - Vietnam - Laos :
VN, Laos, Cambodia map out border zones in HCMC
Tunisia - Algeria - Libya :
North Africa 1:250,000 University of Texas
Egypt - Sudan - Libya :
North Africa 1:250,000 University of Texas

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Borderbase is your quick reference to international borders and tripoints on the internet and includes photos, facts, links and news.

The borders found in Borderbase are the land borders currently recognized by the International Boundaries Research Unit at Durham University.

Therefore you will not find borders to areas like Palestine, North Cyprus etc. IBRU does also not recognize artificially constructed borders like Denmark-Sweden, France-United Kingdom and Malaysia-Singapore.

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Border news

Demarcation of Belarusian-Ukrainian border within next few years
Envoy will seek to end rift over Preah Vihear
Viet Nam and Laos to increase number of border markers
Tadic: Macedonia - Kosovo demarcation only with Serbian participation
Joint border survey in Habiganj-Tripura ends
Joint border survey in Habiganj-Tripura ends
Reading the border signs
Skopje rejects Belgrade´s involvement in demarcation
Serbia Disputes Kosovo-Macedonia Border

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